Art sites on the Web






Undiscovered artists with established portfolios.

Fixed-price pieces only.


Fairly easy to, navigate; emphasis on education. Extensive artist and material information.for selected pieces in rotating gallery.

Original paintings.

Fixed-price pieces only.


Easy navigation if you are looking for a specific artist Small rotating gallery of featured artists on home page.

Original paintings.

Fixed-price pieces only


Busy home page but easy navigation; lots of pictures of animals and landscapes.


Fixed-price pieces only.


Very easy to navigate; free shipping for purchases over $100; lots of inventory; comprehensive framing section.

Fine art, books, sculpture, gallery collections.

Extensive ongoing auction section


Somewhat difficult to navigate but fun to browse. Feels like a site for serious collectors, very professional.


Both fixed price and auction pieces.


Easy navigation. The site is pretty barebones. The auction feature makes it possible to get posters for as cheap as one dollar. Animation, sci-fi fantasy, paintings

Both fixed price and ,auction pieces.


Search function is extensive and includesunframed. for 90% refund. obscure animators. Bulletin board feature allows users to post requests.