Barbara's Want List


Construction to begin on the new hutch
Play Bridge once a month to begin with. We have a card table and lots of chairs we all can use
Orchid plants (Paphiopedilum, and Phalaenopsis)
Denim-colored bangle bracelet I can slip on
My employment at YMCA to be everything I have wished for
Ciao Bella's Valrhona flavored gelato
100 shares Whole Foods (WFMI) stock
Ideas for how to introduce our puppy to our three cats
A cavalier blenheim king charles spanial who will enjoy her new name of "ABBY" and have fun meeting all her new aunts and unkles at her "baby" shower April 9th
to speak my truth faster
4 new bathing suits from Kmart size 18
Lucille Ball Tea rose plant
Soy-based scented pillar candles - all colors & sizes- and also votive ones
Two portable Kelty's essential chairs (slate blue color)
Little female Cavalier to enjoy our home & 3 cats
Armchair massage of my head, neck and shoulders
Gold and high quality faux diamond graduated-sized drop earrings and matching 18" necklace
Garden art (chimes low tone, glass roses, humming birds etc.)
Lilac scented cologne
vanity mirror 10" X 4"
46-52" flat screen 1080 TV for our bedroom
12" x 36" long mission style oak storage cabinet with composite top dark green
A sensual hug from you